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Posts for April 2021

The Witcher

Once again, I barely made it past the tutorial phase of a game. I'm also aware that I'm very late on my review but things happen. I'm going to catch up and be back to posting on Sundays again. In T... Read More


VVVVVV… that's 6 V's. This game took the spot of Metal Gear Solid this week, which I wasn't in the mood to play (by which I mean I didn't feel like setting up my PS3 (also I make the rules (I can ne... Read More

Batman: Arkham Asylum

So much for catching up! This/last week's game was Arkham Asylum, a game that came to me with high recommendation. While I didn't hate the game, I didn't like it as much as I wanted to, so let me get ... Read More


I actually finished this game a couple of days ago, but I've been deliberating on what to say about it. It's very short, I'm going to tell you the whole plot in one sentence, so if you plan on ever pl... Read More

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