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Posts for May 2021

Tadpole Treble

I'm pretty far behind these last two weeks, and I apologize, and I also blame Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Anyway… Tadpole Treble is a short and sweet indie r... Read More

Her Story

Her Story is, like Cibele, an interactive story told via your interaction with a computer desktop. The main character is a woman, and this is where the similarities end. I'm not sure I would have thou... Read More

SteamWorld Dig

Real quick, I want to say sorry for falling off my update schedule. I think I got to a point this past month where I didn't feel like talking about games and just wanted to play them, so I'm only behi... Read More

Hollow Knight

Spoilers: Hollow Knight is a great game. I didn't go into this game knowing anything about it other than it's basic genre, which I think was a really good thing. I have been hooked on Hollow Knight... Read More

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