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I have not abandoned this project!

The fact of the matter is I have been focusing my attention on this Software II class which has me building (another) Java program. Between that and work I really have not been playing any video games at all. When I have free time I'm usually just too tired. So, I'm about a month behind now.

My plan is to skip the games from the last few weeks for now and circle back to them later. Hopefully. I really want to complete this but I am also trying to balance not being myself up over falling behind on something that is just supposed to be for fun.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line here to make up for all the missing time.


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  • Yavuz
    Posted on 06/14/2021 12:12 PM
    Take your time...anxiously awaiting the next game. GG!

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Researchers noted that those that have Type A blood are generally slightly more at risk of heart disease. But a plant-based diet is helpful for everyone. Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health located that blood type Any, B, and AB have been significantly more likely to develop heart disease than those with other blood kinds. People with type AB were at the highest risk, although those with type O acquired the lowest risk. The analysts considered several factors that might have contributed to an elevated risk of heart disease, including the kind of blood in the individual. These kind of included the blood type, the diet plan, smoking history, the presence of loved ones with heart disease, and the variety of other factors. A new study features examined whether 'Blood-Type' diet programs are associated with increased likelihood of heart disease. 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