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Dicey Dungeons

This week we have something I bought recently. Dicey Dungeons is a rouge-like in which you are a contestant on a game show hosted by Lady Luck herself. You are transformed into a dice (die? whatever…) and sent off into a dungeon to explore it's depths and escape. Each dungeon has a small handful of floors and then a boss. As you go on, you unlock more varieties of dice to play as each with their own special skill sets, along with more dungeons to explore that present unique challenges.

This game is super polished and has tons of charm. The music is well done, and the characters, while not exactly voiced, each have their own kind of sound that plays with their lines of dialog. I really dig the art style as well. The battle system has a lot of variety with a good mix of RNG and skill. Pretty much every enemy has a different move set to deal with. Playing each of the different dice also feels different enough to keep the gameplay from getting stale. I didn't really get far enough to try all the different missions, I mostly just switched up the dice trying (and failing) to clear once per character.

So why only 3/5? It just didn't hook me, I think. Of course this is just my biased opinion but I think it needed more over-arching progression. When you die, the only thing to unlock is more difficulty. You unlock other dice and missions, which get progressively more difficult. I understand, this is probably the point of rouge-likes, but it left me feeling unsatisfied in a way. This loop didn't make me frustrated, but I wished there was something I could carry over into my next attempt.

So bottom line I will just say I didn't dislike the game and I would even recommend it for it's gameplay variety and overall polish, but it wasn't for me right now. There may come a day when I come back to it.


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