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Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy

This week's game was Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy, and I have been really dragging my feet writing this up. It's barely still Sunday! As you can see, this is the first game I have given a low score of 2 (if you're asking what could be so bad as to deserve a 1, hopefully we won't find out). It was playable, and I liked the concept, but everything seemed to fall apart in the execution and I was just left frustrated.

To give some backstory on this game, you start out playing as a man who has just committed a horrific murder in the bathroom of a diner. You have to hurry and hide as much evidence as possible and leave the scene of the crime before a police officer who is also in the diner catches you. The story spirals out from there with the gameplay switching between the murderer and the two detectives tasked with investigating the incident.

The story is actually the one part of the game I was/am genuinely interested in experiencing more of. The characters seemed interesting and the mystery was set up well. I liked the switching of perspectives and seeing the same situation from each different character's point of view. However, I felt like the game didn't want to tell me a story, it wanted to give me hand cramps from the bad walking controls. Really, just navigating around is an exercise in patience, and I don't think I had enough to spare this week in order to get very far. (For the record I tried briefly to set up my controller, but I kept breaking the camera and I couldn't figure out why so I gave up.) Another gripe I have with this game is the quick time events. They are very fast and the button prompts cover whatever is happening on screen. So you're left with the choice of watching the action or watching for the buttons.

I understand this is an older game, and a console port at that, but to put the label "Remastered" on it in it's current state is a bit disappointing. I don't think I'll be coming back to this game myself, but I might try to catch a Let's Play in order to see how the story plays out. I really wanted to like this one, it had a lot of cool mechanics that I've never seen before, but the controls and the QTEs killed it for me.


PS - Tyler was the best character and good on him for staying in bed with his lady.

PPS - I won't mention the one time I soft locked and the other time the game crashed because those both may be my fault but that was a thing, too.

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