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Hello World

This is my 2021 project.

I first downloaded Steam a little over 7 years ago and over time, my collection of games has gotten a little out of hand. I know obviously it's not the biggest collection out there but for me, I'd like to at least get some of my money's worth out of it. I'd also like to invest more creativity into my video game hobby, so here we are. Hopefully this project will help me in more ways than one but I'll touch on that further down in this post.

First, the goal: play one game from my game library each week that I have not previously put much time into. So the goal is to slowly chip away at my backlog, and at least get a feel for each game. Then, I can later decide if it's something worth investing my time into completing. My intention is not to complete a different game a week, only to get my feet wet, but bonus points if I can pull it off while juggling everything else, I guess.

Now for some ground rules: (subject to change!)
- New game each week. "New" means I have less than three hours played.
- I will play each game three hours during it's week. This is my rough estimate to how long it should take to get a feel for a game, and to know whether it is something I would like to finish some time (if I am not able to within the week).
- One game minimum per week. However. No reason why I can't do more than one game in a week if I have the free time.
- If I miss a week or play for less than three hours, it is what it is, life happens.
- No New Games *
* Maybe Some New Games

I think this project will serve several benefits. Already discussed, "stash-busting" as a knitter would say. Using up yarn you already have lying around instead of buying more (don't look at my yarn collection…). My aim is to also not buy any new games this year but I'm not making that a rule because I will almost certainly break it.

Second, I think I have a lot of variety in my game library but I only tend to stick to certain genres when I sit down to play something. Hell, I spent [redacted] hours in Guild Wars 2 alone. So, as a person who is interested in programming and game design, I think it would be beneficial to broaden my horizons a bit and experience new things. So I am hoping to also find some inspiration.

Lastly, and this is really the least of it… but I do like to write! I just, don't have much to write about, really. And I am very out of practice, if that wasn't painfully obvious, but I do want to get better, and practice makes perfect.

That's really all I have to say as an introduction. Here's to a new year full of new games!

See you around!


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