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SteamWorld Dig

Real quick, I want to say sorry for falling off my update schedule. I think I got to a point this past month where I didn't feel like talking about games and just wanted to play them, so I'm only behind in posting. I'm going to be keeping my reviews shorter and more conscience moving forward so that I don't procrastinate so much!


SteamWorld Dig was an interesting game. It felt like a cross between a Metroidvania and specifically the mining parts of Terraria. You basically just dig, mine valuable materials, upgrade your gear, and repeat. There is not a lot of story background, but there is enough to give the game flavor. It's like a western, but with robots. The story and graphics and NPCs actually have a lot of charm.

I didn't find this game too challenging. Most of the enemies felt more annoying than anything to me. Also, it's not very long. I reached what I think might be the lowest depth in a few hours, though I did not get to finish it. The upgrades were pretty easily purchased, nothing felt like I needed to grind for it. This was oddly disappointing because I felt like the basic premise of the game, dig for valuable stuff, was made trivial by how easy it was to buy out most of the shop. I wish mining was rewarded a little more. There is a bit of resource management involved, but it was never a huge hinderance.

Overall this was a fun indie title, and I would like to come back and beat it some time. However, it didn't leave a huge impression on me. It's a good game but not great.

- Caitlyn

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