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About my last post...


Ahhhh I guess I did abandon this project. Life happens that way. School was really busy and I think I burnt myself out a bit. I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 lately. The new expansion has... Read More

Blog Update


I have not abandoned this project! The fact of the matter is I have been focusing my attention on this Software II class which has me building (another) Java program. Between that and work I really... Read More

Hollow Knight


Spoilers: Hollow Knight is a great game. I didn't go into this game knowing anything about it other than it's basic genre, which I think was a really good thing. I have been hooked on Hollow Knight... Read More

SteamWorld Dig


Real quick, I want to say sorry for falling off my update schedule. I think I got to a point this past month where I didn't feel like talking about games and just wanted to play them, so I'm only behi... Read More

Her Story


Her Story is, like Cibele, an interactive story told via your interaction with a computer desktop. The main character is a woman, and this is where the similarities end. I'm not sure I would have thou... Read More

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